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WWJ Newsradio 950: Greenfield Village Center Of Filming For New Web TV Show

DEARBORN (WWJ) – Greenfield Village in Dearborn is center stage for the basis of a new web TV show.

They are on a mission to document Americana and prove that the American Dream is not dead so says former Entertainment Tonight anchor Jann Carl.

Carl is the co-host of “Small Town, Big Deal” along with Rodney Miller. They are on the ‘set’ of The Henry Ford Museum filming for two days.

“I literally stopped dead in my tracks because I saw just ‘on the’ … and I saw a Winnebago and I went … ‘ohhhhh, it’s Charles Kuralt’s Winnebago,’” Carl told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill.

She said she loves the period costumes worn by people on the grounds of Greenfield Village.

“We hope, by watching the show, people will sort of fall back in love with America – the American Dream again,” Carl said of the upcoming show.

“We’ve been in Thomas Edison’s think-tank, kind of, and his invention factory … and we learned that the Model A came after the Model T,” said co-host Miller.

Carl says the show is the antithesis of the Kardashians and the plan is this visit will provide enough material for their show for CarbonTV.

Source: WWJ Newsradio 950


Luke Capizzo

Carbon Media and AgriCharts partner to expand opportunities for agricultural clients

Bingham Farms, Mich., May 28, 2014 – Carbon Media Group, the largest digital network for outdoor enthusiasts and farmers, and farming data and technology leader AgriCharts (a division of, Inc.) have announced a partnership connecting their networks to increase value for advertisers and content quality for clients. Hyaat Chaudhary, CEO of Carbon Media Group and Duane Robison, Vice President of Sales for Ag, made the announcement.

“The opportunities in agriculture are truly immense and growing. Being a ‘preferred partner’ will help us better drive interaction between leading brands and farmers across the country,” said Chaudhary. “As one of the top content and data providers in the agricultural space, and with their deep connections with grain elevators and cooperatives nationwide, AgriCharts gives us unequaled reach into this market and unparalleled exposure for our clients.”

Beginning in March, approximately 60 websites from AgriChart’s network were connected with Carbon Media Group to share promoted digital content. The number of partnered sites is expected to increase to more than 100 by 2015. AgriCharts offers its clients access to everything from commodity pricing and weather to national agricultural news.

“Working with an advanced digital ad leader like Carbon Media Group will provide more opportunities and more revenue for our clients,” said Mark Haraburda, AgriCharts managing director. “Digital connectivity is a critical part of agriculture today, and now we can help our clients better reach broad audiences quickly, or hyper-target geographically, demographically or even by crops or products to deliver the right messages.”

Carbon Media Group is the largest producer of digital content geared toward those who live, work and play outdoors with a network of more than 600 websites, including a farming-focused ag network. The company also works with national brands—from consumer giants such as Chevrolet and The Home Depot to AGCO, BASF, Bayer CropScience, DuPont, John Deere, Monsanto, and Syngenta in agriculture—to create innovative digital advertising campaigns. Its CarbonTV video channel, launched in early 2014, features a number of farming programs including the original series, Growing Season and the rural-focused Small Town, Big Deal.

About Carbon Media Group
Bingham Farms, Mich.-based Carbon Media Group is the largest producer of digital content for outdoor enthusiasts. Through its multi-channel digital ecosystem, Carbon Media Group is devoted to connecting brands with this critical and growing audience. In addition to its more than 600 websites for outdoor, action and agriculture enthusiasts, Carbon Media Group boasts a network of outdoor-related YouTube channels and—a dedicated network of original, high-production-value video content not found anywhere else. For more information, visit

About AgriCharts
AgriCharts (, a division of, Inc., which provides market data solutions to the equity, futures, mutual fund and foreign exchange markets, provides agricultural information and technology services to the agricultural industry. AgriCharts’ services include agribusiness website hosting and management, market data and information, cash grain bid management, website content and real-time quote services. AgriCharts goal is to provide successful market data, information and technology solutions to meet the requirements of today’s agricultural industry.


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