Our Verticals

Carbon Media Group’s mission is to help brand’s identify outdoor pursuits and engage with those enthusiasts. Our market-leading online platform is made up of people who view outdoor recreation as an essential part of their daily lives through endemic news, entertainment, content and brand messaging. This platform is viewed through the following lens which we use to view, coordinate and segment our audience:


OutdoorHub is where it all begins. OutdoorHub’s audience studies their passion for the outdoors and is always anticipating their next outdoor adventure. Their excitement for hunting, fishing, shooting and power sports is only comparable to their loyalty toward the products and services that enable them to enjoy these sports. Our unparalleled commitment to excellence ensures a meaningful experience for both the outdoor enthusiast and the advertiser.


Kayaking river rapids. Skiing fresh powder. Surfing the perfect break. Americans participated in over 11 billion outdoor activities last year. Today, enthusiasts are sharing their latest adventures and researching and planning for their next purchases and trips online. ActionHub, with a focus on snow, water and mountain and trail sports, is poised to deliver significant reach across action and adventure opportunities targeting these enthusiasts.


From the planting of seed and the tilling of land to the cost of machinery and feed, the growth of broadband and internet access in rural areas means AgHub is well situated to deliver your product or service to production farmers, hobby farmers and rural lifestylers. The result: 200-plus+ websites, more than 7 million unique visitors each month and the largest targeted ecosystem covering all aspects of agriculture.